Vadodara PNG & Sons is set to be in top ten jewellers of Vadodara

Maharashtra and Surat have a very deep relationship; apart from being neighboring states, they have had social and cultural exchange between them for centuries. It was but natural that we at P N Gadgil & Sons (Vadodara PNG & Sons) would sooner or later create our presence in Vadodara, the cultural capital of Gujarat. Vadodara is a vibrant city with many facts be it art or business or its cuisine and education. People of Vadodara are known to be extremely choosy and they know what they want. Anything less than excellence in design, thought and craftsmanship won’t do here. So over the years, when we were continuously asked when PNG & Sons coming to Vadodara; we always thought that it’s a great place to be and PNG & Sons a leading jeweller must be present with our best of jewellery; be it Gold, Diamonds or Silver to people of Vadodara.

jewellery store
Vadodara Jewellers PNG & Sons Store, Trisha Sqaure, Jetalpur Road, Alkapuri

PNG & Sons opened spacious store in Vadodara at Trisha Square, Jetalpur Road, Alkapuri. Vadodara PNG & Sons store is a very central location and very convenient to visit with ample of parking space. As is the tradition with PNG & Sons, the store has a vast variety of designs in the gold, diamonds and silver. PNG & Sons collections of Kundan, Diamonds, Bridal, Classics along with the latest designs gives our customers ample choice and the trademark service standards make jewellery shopping a pleasurable experience. Apart from these, Vadodara PNG & Sons a leading jewellers have classic Maharashtrian Jewellery designs like Vajratik and Mohanmal amongst many others.

maharashtrian jewellery
Vajratik Maharashtrian Jewellery By PNG & Sons

A Big thank you to people of Vadodara for extending their love and support to Vadodara PNG & Sons from Day 1. P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons) are confident, that like Maharashtra, PNG & Sons would be considered as the one of the top jewellers in Vadodara, Gujarat in a short time to come. At PNG & Sons, we believe that jewellery is an art and P N Gadgil & Sons strive to preserve and regenerate our design tradition to the fullest. Design excellence, superior craftsmanship along with true business ethics in what PNG & Sons a leading jewellers have stood since 1832.


PNG & Sons the leading jewellery brand of Nashik.

P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons) is one of the oldest and most reputed jewellery brand in the country. Founded in 1832 the brand has rich tradition of trust, purity and design excellence. PNG & Sons has served to over seven generations of customers successfully; credit for this is attributed to their motto of changing with times and striving to give something new to the customers; all the time. It’s ‘modern since 1832’ as they like to say.

Over the years PNG & Sons have maintained and developed a large design archive which includes original jewellery pieces, design dyes and specimens. The collection dates back to at least 150 years. Apart from this they also have Karigars who have been with them for generations which give them a definitive edge when it comes to authentic and classic designs.

When one visits the Nashik PNG & Sons store, one can see a large variety in gold, diamond and silver jewellery. Nashik leading Jewellers PNG & Sons have Jewellery design schools like Temple (South India), Thewa (Rajastan), Junagarh (Gujrat) Kolkata (W. Bangal) and traditional Maharashtrian to international designs from Europe, East Asia and Middle East.

PNG & Sons the leading jewellery brand of Nashik and Maharashtra has been present in Nashik for over ten years now. PNG & Sons is the number 1 jewellery brand in the Nashik.

Over the years Nashik as a city has grown rapidly and there was a constant demand from the customers for a one more store in Nashik i.e. Nashik Road, an area which has developed rapidly. P N Gadgil & Sons will open their second store in Nashik at Star Zone Mall, Nashik Road; the new store is specious and has ample parking facilities.

Nashik PNG & Sons store will offer a great deal of convenience for the customers in the area as it will save their time and energy by making the best of jewellery and service in their vicinity. Nasik Road PNG & Sons store will open on 23rd April 2017 at 11 am.

Nashik-PNG & Sons Store


Bridal Jewellery Collection

Saptpadi a bridal Jewellery Collection

Saptapadi literally means ‘Seven Steps’ or ‘Seven Feras’ around the holy fire, a ritual in Indian weddings. Weddings are considered a big occasion not only for the bride and the groom, but for entire family. Weddings are the biggest family celebrations apart from the festivals. Jewellery is the essential part of any wedding and bridal jewellery is selected with great enthusiasm and keen eye. At P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons), we understand the importance of the wedding day in families life; and PNG & Sons try our best to compliment and contribute to the event with best of our designs and collections.

Bridal jewellery necklace by PNG & Sons
Bridal jewellery neclace by PNG & Sons







PNG & Sons, leading jewellers of pune appreciate that every bride has her own style statement. Her own vision for the jewellery she wants to wear on her big day and PNG & Sons offer a vast variety of bridal jewellery to suit her every need. For wedding season, PNG & Sons have launched Saptapdi a bridal jewellery collection. This latest bridal Jewellery collection is available in gold and diamonds. Right from the traditional designs schools like Temple, Bengal, Junagarh and Kundan. The bridal Jewellery variety extends to diamond set in modern innovation settings.

Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons
Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons

In bridal set though the necklaces are show stealers; other pieces like bindi or mang teeka, ear tops or ear rings or Jmumkas, kangans/ bangles and payals / anklets add to the glory of the bride. Now a days, the trend is to wear traditional gold bridal jewellery set for the marriage ceremony and opt out for uncut diamonds (Kundan) or diamond set for evening functions. PNG & Sons offers various wedding jewellery sets in gold and diamonds. PNG & Sons have some exclusive designs of Mangalsutra in gold which including daily wear and functional wear.

Bridal Diamond Jewellery by PNG & Sons
Bridal Diamond Jewellery

In gold, Bridal Jewellery sets have traditional jewellery such as temple, gokak, kalkatti, kundan, polki designs. For customer convenience, online bridal jewellery shopping option is available. In Diamonds, Bridal Necklaces, Bridal Bracelets, Bridal Earrings, Bridal Nose pins, Bridal Finger Rings are available. P N Gadgil & Sons effort has always been to offer not only unique designs but to offer unique combination too. If you love marriages and celebration, we do too… since 1832.

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