Bridal Jewellery Collection

Saptpadi a bridal Jewellery Collection

Saptapadi literally means ‘Seven Steps’ or ‘Seven Feras’ around the holy fire, a ritual in Indian weddings. Weddings are considered a big occasion not only for the bride and the groom, but for entire family. Weddings are the biggest family celebrations apart from the festivals. Jewellery is the essential part of any wedding and bridal jewellery is selected with great enthusiasm and keen eye. At P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons), we understand the importance of the wedding day in families life; and PNG & Sons try our best to compliment and contribute to the event with best of our designs and collections.

Bridal jewellery necklace by PNG & Sons
Bridal jewellery neclace by PNG & Sons







PNG & Sons, leading jewellers of pune appreciate that every bride has her own style statement. Her own vision for the jewellery she wants to wear on her big day and PNG & Sons offer a vast variety of bridal jewellery to suit her every need. For wedding season, PNG & Sons have launched Saptapdi a bridal jewellery collection. This latest bridal Jewellery collection is available in gold and diamonds. Right from the traditional designs schools like Temple, Bengal, Junagarh and Kundan. The bridal Jewellery variety extends to diamond set in modern innovation settings.

Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons
Mangalsutra by PNG & Sons

In bridal set though the necklaces are show stealers; other pieces like bindi or mang teeka, ear tops or ear rings or Jmumkas, kangans/ bangles and payals / anklets add to the glory of the bride. Now a days, the trend is to wear traditional gold bridal jewellery set for the marriage ceremony and opt out for uncut diamonds (Kundan) or diamond set for evening functions. PNG & Sons offers various wedding jewellery sets in gold and diamonds. PNG & Sons have some exclusive designs of Mangalsutra in gold which including daily wear and functional wear.

Bridal Diamond Jewellery by PNG & Sons
Bridal Diamond Jewellery

In gold, Bridal Jewellery sets have traditional jewellery such as temple, gokak, kalkatti, kundan, polki designs. For customer convenience, online bridal jewellery shopping option is available. In Diamonds, Bridal Necklaces, Bridal Bracelets, Bridal Earrings, Bridal Nose pins, Bridal Finger Rings are available. P N Gadgil & Sons effort has always been to offer not only unique designs but to offer unique combination too. If you love marriages and celebration, we do too… since 1832.


PNG & Sons unveil latest Jewellery Collection for Akshay Trutiya

PNG & Sons unveil latest Jewellery Collection for Akshay Trutiya

Akshay Trutiya or Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akti & Akha Teej is an auspicious day for Indians. As per Hindu Shaka calendar there are three and half such auspicious occasions namely Gudi Padwa , Dasara or Dashehara, Diwali Padwa and Akshaya Trutiya is one of them. As per Hindu mythology, Maharshi Ved Vyas started detecting Mahabharta an epic novel to Lord Ganesh on this day. So this day has epic importance.
‘Akshaya’ also means which will last forever of which won’t diminish. It is assumed that Akha Teej or Akshaya Tritiya brings good luck and success. Thus, Akti or Akshya Trutiya is very important day for Indians. As per beliefs, if anyone purchases precious artifacts such gold, silver, diamond on Akshaya Tritiya, it will bring prosperity. Even, people have faith that Gold purchased on this day would continue to grow and will last forever. Gold is the symbol of prosperity for Indians as well as it brings good fortune. Indians buy gold coins, gold bars or Vedhani for investment purpose on Akha Teej. Some people buy jewellery for their family too as shubha muhurta purchase.

Latest Temple jewellery classics by PNG & Sons
Latest Temple Jewellery Classics by PNG & Sons

Latest Jewellery Collection

On the occasion of Akshya Trutiya or Akha Teej as well as for upcoming marriage season, P N Gadgil and Sons (PNG & Sons) a leading jewellery brand have launched Temple Jewellery Classics Collection which is one of the antique traditional jewellery form. Even, Bajirao-Mastani, Maharashtriyan Jewellery is available at all their stores. For, contemporary jewellery lovers or fashion enthusiast PNG & Sons have Rose Gold Jewellery, Ruby Gold and First Love First Diamond Jewellery collection.

Light Weight Jewellery by PNG & Sons
Light Weight Jewellery by PNG & Sons

Light Weight Jewellery Collection

Keeping buyers requirements on mind, P N Gadgil & Sons have also crafted light weight Jewellery in diamond and gold which modern woman can wear daily. Light weight jewellery has variety of rings, pendent sets, earrings, necklaces which are trendy and will suit every outfit, be it traditional or modern. For daily wear PNG & Sons have light weight Mangalsutra Collection. So for this Akshaya Trutiya surely visit P N Gadgil & Sons store to purchase the beautiful gold, diamond jewellery. PNG & Sons is known for quality, service and trust.

Online Gold Coin Shopping at PNG & Sons

For customer convenience, PNG & Sons launched online jewellery shopping portal and has latest Jewellery Collection available on it. Customers can place make to order gold jewellery online. PNG & Sons offering gold, diamond & silver jewellery online at store prices only. For Akshaya Trutiya you can purchase gold coins, silver coins, gold vedhani online which is available at PNG & Sons stores.

Temple Jewellery Classics by PNG & Sons

P N Gadgil & Sons (PNG & Sons) have launched Temple Jewellery Classics Collection which is now available in all its stores.Temple Jewellery is one of the oldest design streams in Indian Jewellery and it is called thus, because it predominately uses images of Gods and other such motifs, while creating jewellery. This type of jewellery is a combination of dye work and hand work. Here, we present some of the classic pieces of Temple Jewellery made from the dyes in our design archives; the dyes must be at least 100 years old and the karigars (Craftsmen’s) who have done the handwork come from the families who have been doing this kind of work for generations. This is another fine example of rich tradition of design and workmanship of India.

Origin of the temple Jewellery

Indian Jewellery has a very rich culture and it is known for artworks, designs which are clearly visible in Jewellery. Being a diverse country, there is an existence of many traditional jewellery forms and some of them are very popular in India and on Global Level. Gold Temple Jewellery is most popular form of traditional Jewellery as well as one of the oldest too. In ancient time for the rulers, jewellery was a statement of power, prosperity and prestige. And, it is believed that Temple Collection Jewellery was created in 9th century in south India where Chola dynasty was the ruling empire. Then, this jewellery form was used to adorn the god and goddess in temples and this is how temple jewellery got its name. Over a period of time Temple Jewellery became popular and women prefer this form of jewellery mostly with traditional wear.

Temple Jewellery waist Band







Became a Fashion

Temple jewellery is made of gold and intricate with precious, semi precious stones. A very skilled craftsmanship is required as Gods and other such intricate motifs are used while creating Temple jewellery. Temple Jewellery is now very popular as it reflects the tradition of India. Women wear the temple jewellery designs on auspicious occasions such as marriages, festivals etc. The intricate nature of the designs makes them ideal for such occasions. Even, it can go with any Punjabi Dresses or lehenga’s etc. Many fashion Guru’s or fashion enthusiast try temple Jewellery or motifs with trendy, designer outfits.


Temple Jewellery Classic Collection








PNG offers variety of Temple Jewellery

P N Gadgil and Sons (PNG & Sons) have designed Temple Jewellery keeping in mind the demand as women’s prefers wear traditional jewellery on special occasions, functions and festivals. PNG & Sons Temple Jewellery classics have Necklaces, Chokars, Earrings, Hair ornaments, Waist bands, Anklets, finger rings too. Temple Jewellery earrings range starts from 5 gms, Finger rings from 8 gms and Temple Jewellery Necklaces starts from 46gms. Even, PNG offers customized Temple Jewellery Collection and temple jewellery set. For customer convenience, P N Gadgil & Sons launched onlineshopping e-commerce gold jewellery online shopping web site, where they can check various gold jewellery collection such as Bajirao-Mastani Jewellery, gold temple jewellery, traditional Jewellery. Do visit your nearest store for temple jewellery Collection.

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